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Reflective No Pull Dog Harness
The Safest Most Durable Dog Harness.

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Product Details 

The Jams harness is our new tactical, no-pull harness. This is designed to be used instead of a collar based lead, making it incredibly easy to control any dog. 

This harness enables you to take back control of your dog walks, making them safer and more enjoyable. 

The harness works by reducing the pressure placed on your dogs neck or back when pulling, preventing choking and reducing overall strain on your pooch. 

✔ Maximum control and safety

✔ Stops choking

✔ Durable, comfortable, and breathable

✔ Heavy duty and great for training 

How long will it take to arrive? 

UK. US, Australia and Canada - Delivery within 7 days. 

What size should I buy? 

The Jams Dog Harness - The Ultimate Harness for Maximum Safety

Maximum Control and Safety
Reduces Dog Pulling/Chocking
Durable and Comfortable 

Great for

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Right Size for My Dog? 

Safe, Secure and Durable 

Maximum Safety and Control 

Walk your dog with confidence. The Jams dog harness is designed to ensure your pooch is kept safe whilst you have full control, no matter how big or small they are. 

Durable and Long Lasting

This Jams dog harness is seriously built to last. Designed with a strong fibre base, this will likely be the last dog harness you purchase. 

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